Jaxon Washburn: Co-Editor-in-Chief
A classroom leader. A warrior poet. An interfaith advocate. All are applicable for News from the Nation's own Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jaxon James Washburn. A Black Hawk on his final year of the capital punishment that is schooling, Jaxon enjoys reading from various historical and religious texts, writing on his blog or holding discussions with people on Facebook. He is passionate about interfaith work and religious studies of which he hopes to major in, and looks towards helping develop a world where individuals think critically, engage in respectful dialogue and build bridges of cooperation across lines of difference. As such he is committed this year to overseeing the quality and integrity of The News from the Nation by ensuring that all materials published are balanced, honest and insightful. Follow his shenanigans in the following places: Instagram: @perseusjaxon18 Facebook: Jaxon Washburn Blog: http://www.theapotheosisnarrative.wordpress.com Gaudium in Veritate!  

Jaxon Washburn, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Sep 02, 2016
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