C’mon, Shape Shift With Me

Harper Breseman, Co-Managing Editor

November 2, 2016

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Gilbert, AZ-"Shape Shift With Me" is the seventh studio album of the punk rock band Against Me! In this album, the band took their eyes off of the outside world of politics, and turned inwards, to romance. I should have known...

The 13th Floor

Harper Breseman, Co-Managing Editor

October 31, 2016

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Peoria, AZ - The next time you notice an elevator without a 13th floor, be grateful. Maybe you’ll roll eyes at the superstition, but after going into this haunted house, I’ll forever appreciate the missing number between 12 ...

“These Are Our Sonic Highways”

Jacob Smale, Calendar Editor

October 27, 2016

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“Sonic Highways” is a phenomenal documentary presented in episodes, and is directed by Dave Grohl, explaining the history and development of music genres as well as the latest Foo Fighters album. “Give me the flammable li...

The Good Place

Gabe Petrie, Staff Writer

October 22, 2016

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Gilbert, AZ - After experiencing an embarrassing death, Eleanor Shelstrop, played by Kristen Bell, finds herself in “The Good Place” where only people with the highest score of good points go when they die. In the show, “...

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