Harry Styles Album Review

Mackenzie Hechtle, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- Going from a pop boy band to an alternative solo artist, Harry Styles has made one of the biggest comebacks in the music industry. His new album is tearing up the charts and broke records for selling concert tickets faster than anyone before him.

As far as the album goes, the sound is very unique, yet calming. The slow and somewhat angelic tone goes wonderfully with the sad and loathsome story he tells through his music. I personally love the acoustic sound of the album. It complements his voice. Fans have been raving over the sudden change of sound.

I feel that this album shows a side of Harry Styles that the public hasn’t seen before. With One Direction, their was made more to satisfy their fans, but Styles’s new album is more of a reflection on him and his experiences. This especially shows in his song “Two Ghosts.” This song tells the story of his pain from a past relationship. The lyrics are genuine and raw.

My personal favorite on the album is “Meet Me in the Hallway”. I relate to this song the most and it truly shows his capabilities, as far as his voice goes. I get chills thinking about it.
This album is amazing. I definitely recommend listening. Even if you aren’t a fan, the music will shock you.

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Harry Styles Album Review