A Night Where Dreams Were Born

Kailey Saenz, Copy Editor

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Phoenix, AZ – Prom was certainly a night to remember. With the backdrop of city lights and the amazing decor of the venue, it really felt as if one had been transported to Neverland.

      Walking in, the decorations and lights were a treat. My favorite part was the giant mast hung above the dance floor, hammering in the Peter Pan theme. The artwork that is typically in the museum was also very enjoyable to see during the dance and fit the theme well, especially the wall of CDs which with all the light almost looked like a waterfall out of the corner of your eye.

     While the DJ did engage with the crowd some, he failed to realize that prom was a formal dance and he did not play a single slow song, not even during the prom king and queen dance. The rap music most often played can be enjoyable, it would still have been nice for some romantic songs to have been thrown in as well. Line dances are also a staple of school dances and are quite fun and a nice change of pace. However, the DJ did not play any line dance songs either.

     A hidden gem of the venue would be this contraption hidden behind the dance floor that was made up of tubes. The tubes had suction and you could put in scarves that would travel through the tubes and rain down on you. You could control the path the tubes took by switching a flap in certain places.

     It was nice to have a coat check at the dance, especially since there hasn’t been one in quite a while. It was ran effectively.

     Overall, the venue was beautiful. The dance was amazing minus the fact that no slow songs were played. It was definitely a night where dreams were born.

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A Night Where Dreams Were Born