Teachers Give Their Two Cents on Life Beyond High School

Lauren Case, Cartoonist

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Gilbert, AZ-In the years following high school, students can often experience feelings of stress, indecision, and even turmoil as they try to map out their futures. The teachers at Williams Field are here to help pave the way for them.
It’s easy for students to forget that a teacher’s purpose is truly to help them be successful later in their lives. As attendees of high school, we often go through the motions without fully appreciating the time and consideration teachers put into building our futures. Four teachers in particular have some words of wisdom to offer the seniors who are about to depart from Williams Field.
AP psych teacher, Mr. Reeder, has much to say on the issue. He stressed the importance of an education saying, “It is one thing no one can take away from you,” but also added, “The first thing you were planning on doing after high school, often isn’t what you end up actually doing.” Perhaps many of the students originally eager for a traditional college education, will end up exploring other options for a year or two? Or perhaps vice versa? Reeder continued to additionally stress the importance of having fun in anything you do, and setting aside time for fun.
Senior Yates, one of the Spanish teachers on campus, kept his advice short and sweet. “Decide what you want to do. Don’t spend 5 years undecided. And be goal oriented,” he stressed. Maybe Yates took too long finally deciding he wanted to teach. According to him, making a solid plan is the smart way to go.
The female teachers at Williams Field had lots to say as well. Mrs. Pullins, one of the English teachers, explained that “It’s not as bad as you think it is,” and “just breath.” She urges students to never forget who they are and live each day in the moment. Lastly, Economy teacher, Mrs. Johnson, explains that although it is very important to get all of your work done, it is just important to make time for the things you love to do. Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Reeder might have been great friends!
No matter whose two cents you take to heart, make sure to make the best of your time beyond high school at Williams Field! Good luck Black Hawks!

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Teachers Give Their Two Cents on Life Beyond High School