The Real Cost to Graduate

Jaxon Washburn, Co-Editor In Chief

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Gilbert, AZ- With less than two weeks until final graduation for seniors within the Higley Unified School District, many are anxious to finish their schoolwork and take a new step towards the rest of their lives.

Interestingly enough, there has been a recent discovery of the exact price tag for the upcoming Graduation Ceremonies for both Higley and Williams Field High Schools. With both graduations being held for the first time at Arizona State University’s Wells Fargo Stadium on May 24th respectively, the cost of the combined events has been found to exceed over $100,000. Attributing to the high cost of this expense lays in the decision to hold the ceremonies on two separate nights, rather than a joint occasion for both schools; a decision which could have saved around $50,000. Exactly where the funding for this decision, much less when and where the decision was made, has yet to be uncovered or shared by the District.

As for the timing behind the graduation ceremonies themselves? Higley High School’s has been scheduled to be held at 2:30 pm, with Williams Field’s being held later at 7:30 pm. The issue with this has been that Wednesday the 24th is scheduled as a full-school day, thereby burdening parents, siblings and teachers looking to attend with the problem of making it to the Stadium as school itself gets out. As of today, the District has remedied this lapse in attentive planning by declaring the 24th as a half-day for all Higley students and faculty.

As has become a theme this year, both a lack of transparency and perhaps some poor decision-making has accompanied the District yet again.


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The Real Cost to Graduate