AVID Honors Student of the Year

Brielle Christiansen

Elena Jimenez, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- Drum roll please…. and the AVID Honor Student of the Year goes to Julie Brennan! All throughout the 2016-2017 school year Julie has been dedicated to her academics, and she’s well deserving  the title “AVID Honor Student of the Year.”

Julie said, “ The AVID program has helped me manage my time better, which is key in High School.” Some of the courses she took this year was Honors Biology and Honors English, she explained these classes are helping her be more prepared for the AP classes she’s taking next year.

Some key information Julie has taken from the guest speakers in the class, is to always push yourself to reach your goal. She is unsure about what college she wants to attend after she graduates, but she is certain about going into the medical field, to be a Nurse Practitioner.

Julie’s short term goal is to be the top of her class, she is currently in the top 9% of her class.  

Some advice Julie would like to give to her peers is to manage your time well and focus on school, but don’t overwhelm yourself with school work and grades. What she likes the most about the AVID class is meeting new people, the team bonding they do on Friday’s, and being able to work with new people.  

“The transition from Junior High School to High School was hard,” she explains “but the AVID program helped that transition go much smoother.” Again, Congratulations to Julie Brennan for being the Honors AVID Student of the Year!

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AVID Honors Student of the Year