We’re All Gonna Die

Josh Brown, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ – The world has never been in such turmoil before as it is in right now. In every country, there is political, social and economic warfare throughout.

Sudan is rated the second most dangerous country in the world right now. As we speak, hundreds of thousands are dying as the nation sinks into a bloody civil war. The survivors are fleeing to nearby countries such as Uganda, where health programs such as the Red Cross have established camps to help keep them safe.

May Day is a worldwide event that happens on May 1. Protesters come from around the globe to meet in big cities to celebrate workers and the gains made by advocates. Some of these protests, have turned violent. For example in Portland, Oregon, police have had to arrest 25 people for several acts of violence. The protestors set fires to the streets, spray painted police cars, and in some cases even started to throw cocktails at the police, haha if this isn’t a messed up world, then I don’t know what is.

In Brazil, slavery is still a thing and is commonly going on. Hundreds of thousands of people, who have limited working skills, do the only thing they can do for money, which with no professional skills is obviously manual labor. Often, they don’t receive any money from actually working and only the only type of “payment” they receive is one meal a day. People will spend their whole lives working on a ranch for the same person working in these conditions. In other words, they are slaves.

The long hunt for Joseph Kony has finally come to a close. Although Kony hasn’t been found, the U.S military has stopped it’s official search for the man who is responsible for crimes against humanity. The warlord is responsible for thousands of civilians deaths, and is still wanted, but because no one has been able to find him for so long, the search has been let go of.

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We’re All Gonna Die