Drug Bust on Fort Stewart

Kylie Holden, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- On April 18th, multiple U.S. Army Soldiers that were stationed at the Fort Stewart base in Georgia were arrested by authorities for suspicion of crimes involving drugs, which resulted in a complete lockdown of the base.

During the lockdown, security on site performed a rigorous sweep of Fort Stewart checking all premises, cars, and personal belongings.

An investigation was conducted by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, The Drug Enforcement Agency, and Fort Stewart’s own Criminal Investigation Unit.

Pfc. Mario Figueroa was arrested after the 90 day investigation and charged with trafficking cocaine-although other arrests were made as well. It is not known how many people at Fort Stewart were involved in the illegal activity-but one source corroborated that at least one of the soldiers involved was connected to a drug cartel.

Officials declined to speak with the press, but ensured that the right measures and precautions were taken to provide a drug-free community.

Source: www.americanow.com

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Drug Bust on Fort Stewart