Prom? Is That a Sauce?

Harper Breseman, Co-Managing Editor/Reviews Editor

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Gilbert, AZ- Since the day you walked in as a nervous freshman, to the night it actually happens, prom has been one of the biggest events talked about during high school. Are you gonna have a date? What are you gonna wear? What about your before plans? After parties?

Everything surrounding Prom night takes more time (and money) than the dance itself. Some students see that, and say, “No thanks,” and they’re ready to tell us why.

“I’m not going to prom because of the cost,” explained Alyssa Lim (11). “I have to save money for my trip to the Philippines.”

Most high schoolers, even ones with jobs, find the highly priced prom tickets (ranging from $55 to $70, depending on when you buy them) far too expensive, and that’s not including the cost of the outfits and other preparation. Of all the people interviewed, all brought up money for at least one of their reasons for not going. There were, of course, other preventions.

“I’m not going because I want to make it more special for myself by just going senior year,” an anonymous junior explained. “It’s at the epicenter of the high school experience, and I don’t want to compare in that way.”

Though they admired the way Student Council puts effort into every dance, and admitted a cheaper price would make going easier, at the end of the day, going to the dance twice wouldn’t be right.

But not every barrier is so sweet as waiting for the perfect night, or as realistic as being unable to pay. In fact, there are seniors who don’t go, and it’s because Prom isn’t as dreamy as everyone wants it to believe.

“The idea of people dancing in front and behind, or on me, makes me uncomfortable. Then comes the fun part; sweat,” Nancy Sugiharto (12) said with disgust. “If I’m going to get glammed up, I better stay glam the rest of the night. While I know I’d be dancing, I really don’t want people’s skin stick to mine.”

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Prom? Is That a Sauce?