Prom Fashion: What Girls and Everybody Else Are Wearing

Mackenzie Hechtle, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- Prom is coming around the corner and it is time to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing. Ladies, it can be tremendously stressful trying to pick the perfect dress for such a special occasion, so keep reading if you need some help.

For prom, I would suggest a longer gown since it is a formal occasion. If you would like to purchase a dress or two piece so it is easy for you to dance; a high-low bottom would most likely suit you best. You still have the elegance of a longer gown, but you will also be able to move comfortably throughout the night. If you are looking for something appealing for pictures. I would suggest a long gown and possibly an off the shoulder piece on the top. This will allow for more accessory without distracting from the dress. For shoes you can’t go wrong with high heels. Make sure to choose something that will compliment the dress color wise.

Janaye Lloyd (12) stated, “I personally love jewelry to complete the prom look. A nice and simple but elegant dress with a body chain and rings or any type of ice.”

Maya Shaw (12) added, “I really fell in love with the dramatic look. An extravagant and semi extra dress with a beat face and stilettos on your feet. You gotta make jaws drop when you walk in!”

As for hair and makeup, not many people think about this, but both should go along with the rest of your outfit. For instance, if you have a light colored dress, such as a subtle baby blue, a nice subtle eyeshadow and a light lip gloss will suffice. If you have a darker or more flashy dress, you would want a more dramatic look with the eyes and a darker matte lip. It will help if you have a reference picture to show your makeup artist. The more specific you are with what you want, the better. As far as the hair goes, it really depends on what you are going for. A nice up-due gives more of a Cinderella-esque appearance and would be great if you had some sort of design on your dress that you would like to show off. If you decide to leave your hair down, go with curls. It is a formal setting and this gives a more formal look.

If you are genderfluid, there’s plenty of ways to look great at Prom and still wear what makes you feel like you. If you aren’t comfortable with wearing a dress or a tux, I would buy a nice flashy top, and a simple pant bottom, or a nice lace jumper. Maybe even a formal romper if you would prefer. If you are deciding on going longsleeve at the top, do a shorter bottom. If you would like to do a long bottom, go for a short sleave on top. If you plan on wearing makeup, please feel free to follow some of the guidelines mentioned before.

I truly hope this has helped you with your prom fashion. Have a wonderful night!

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Prom Fashion: What Girls and Everybody Else Are Wearing