Rivals for Life: The Tough Loss of Boys Volleyball

Ivy Buxton, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ-  It was a heated match in the Williams Field gymnasium between the non-stop champions the Higley Knights, against the dominating Williams Field Black Hawks. Rival games are always hyped here at WFHS. No matter what it’s for, football, basketball, baseball, and everything in between. Volleyball is no exception.

During the first quarter, both teams went back and forth, ending the segment with a score of Higley 25 to Williams Field 16. Thinking they could bounce back, the Williams Field boys gave it their all and ended slightly worse than before with 25-17 in the second quarter.

During the halftime break, the boys got their head in the game and again tried to come back from the sustained closeness of the scores. Ending the third quarter with 25-19, they were not ready to give up. As the game progressively got worse, the team’s spirit did the opposite.

The final quarter. The final chance to win the game. Trying even harder, and pushing even more, Williams Field remained strong. But near the end, the Knights got just the opportunity they needed to end the game in a score of 3-0.

“It was a tough loss against our crosstown rivals, but hopefully we can bounce back during playoffs and make a good run and hopefully win state. We have the audacity and desire to do, we just have to focus these next couple weeks in order to achieve that goal.” said number 4 Josh Brown (11).

With the support of the students, there is no doubt that the varsity boys volleyball can’t bounce back and potentially win state.

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Rivals for Life: The Tough Loss of Boys Volleyball