Prom Fashion: What the Boys Are Wearing

Nicole Tassainer, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- Prom is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already bought your outfit for the unforgettable night, then a few Black Hawks can explain their plans and opinions about the high school tradition that could help you.
Some boys at school don’t care too much for prom and don’t want to spend anymore than they have to, so they went with a simple suit from their closet and the dress shoes from church on Sundays, like Dylan Blake (12). He said, “Prom cost too much money and I would rather spend that money doing something fun with friends.” He decided he is still going to attend because “it only happens twice, might as well go once.”
Other students have put much effort and thought into their outfits, like Briggs Conway (12) who already has the matching colors for his date, Briggs will be wearing a black or navy blue (still undecided) suit from Men’s Warehouse, with a gold tie that goes with his date’s gold dress.
The clothing choices are generally much easier for boys than girls; if they have a date, they traditionally color coordinate according to her dress and accent pieces according to what she wants. For boys, they can just style their hair like normal, but maybe with a little gel to keep it looking nice for the formal evening.
Most of the prom fashion is for women because men traditionally just wear a suit and tie with nice shoes. The most important part of prom isn’t the clothes, it’s the smiles on the faces and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Prom Fashion: What the Boys Are Wearing