Consent Isn’t Sexy-It’s A Basic Human Right

Kylie Holden, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- Sex is a taboo subject, and it’s not always in the norm to discuss this hot topic. Everywhere around the world- no matter what ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual preference makes up the general population- everyone has the potential to be a victim of sexual assault.
In the United States alone, one in six women will experience a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault throughout their lifetime. One in ten men will experience the impact of a sexual assault.
Going more in depth- within the armed forces, 18,900 people have experienced unwanted sexual contact. Within the prison system and inmates logged, 80,600 have reported being sexually assaulted or raped. Within the adolescent age group, 60,000 victims within the last few years have come forward about enduring sexual abuse or attempted sexual abuse. 55% have been assaulted outside or near their own homes; 15% have been victimized in a public place; 8% have been brutalized within our own school system. Overall, within the general public 321,500 Americans 12 and older will report being sexually assaulted or raped. In the United States alone, someone is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds.

Rape culture has become utterly common in American society – from the music we listen to, to the television and movies we watch, to the people we idolize, to the events we attend. Athletes, rappers, actors, and many more have been not only on the victim side, but have been the perpetrators and victimizers themselves.

There is no guarantee that sexual assault can be prevented, but certain precautions and measures can be taken to ensure that safety is felt in every community. Whether it be community watch, not walking the streets alone, or simply carrying a whistle or can of pepper spray – these little steps can verify the feeling of safety for not only females, but males as well.

Consent isn’t “sexy” like lingerie-consent is a verbal yes without any pressure at the time that the act is taking place. Consent is a basic human right, and that should always be remembered.

We all dread hearing the song about rape, but in a culture like this, we can’t stop singing along.

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Consent Isn’t Sexy-It’s A Basic Human Right