Trump Just Can’t Get Over His Wall

MacKenzie Belley, Political Analyst

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Gilbert, AZ- Every year congress must pass a budget for the next fiscal year. They allot money for things such as education, national security, and healthcare. In past years when a final budget has not been agreed upon by a majority in congress the government goes into a shut down, forcing national parks and museums to close to the public.

This year, congress is nearing a government shutdown for one reason, President Trump’s border wall. Although Trump in the past had insisted that Mexico would pay for the wall in full he has conceded that they might pay for the wall later in the future.

As of late, congress is proposing a spending bill that would give no money to the border wall; a compromise that democrats might just be able to live with.  

Other points of contention still remain in the budget but none that threaten the government to go into shutdown yet.  Although President Trump is convinced that his border wall is the cornerstone to making america great again, he is going to have to find a way to pay for it somewhere else because America ain’t payin’.

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Trump Just Can’t Get Over His Wall