Softball Isn’t Going To Go Easy

Ivy Buxton, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- The week of April 17 the girls had three games, three chances to win, three chances to dominate the field.


On April 18, the team went against Mesquite High School, and lost at a score of 2-19. It was a tough game and a tough loss for the girls but the next game they believed they could bounce back.


The following day they played the Queen Creek Bulldogs and tried their best. Giving their all they still could not win. Ending the day with a 0-10, they all felt terrible. Jordan Nealy (10) said, “I felt like we could have pushed harder, but what’s done is done.”


Playing back to back to back there has been no break for the varsity softball team. On Thursday April 20th, they faced up against the tough Bulldogs again. Not knowing how it was going to pan out, the girls went in confident and not afraid. Even though they went home with a score of 0-7. They grew stronger as a team.

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Softball Isn’t Going To Go Easy