Seriously, Don’t Open the New Chainsmoker Album

Harper Breseman, Co-Managing Editor/Reviews Editor

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Gilbert, AZ- The electro-dance music group, The Chainsmokers, is famous (or should I say infamous?) for their current songs on the radio, such as “Closer,” “Paris,” and “Something Just Like This.” The band recently came out with their debut album, Memories… Do Not Open. And my recommendation to you is to not open this album up.

Unless you want to hear the same song with twelve titles, this debut won’t be for you. Though each instrumental synth background is different, different lyrics and different melodies, if you listen to each song after one another, you won’t be able to tell. I thought I was still listening to the third song when it turned out, I was on the seventh.

Not only is the album bland, there’s some other issues with it. At the end of “Don’t Say”  you can hear murmurs of some conversation, and someone giggling. I didn’t understand why it was on there or why I had to hear that for a whole minute. The third track, “Break Up Every Night,” was almost okay, until the singer declares, “She’s got seven personalities/Everyone’s a tragedy.” Having dissociate identity disorder and being indecisive are two vastly different things. I was annoyed that in 2017, we’re still using mental illness as an insult or to call something weird, especially in a song I might be hearing on the radio fifty times over.

If you’ve heard one Chainsmokers song, you’ve heard them all. Apparently, they just begin to get problematic. You’d get more enjoyment listening to Hannah Baker’s tapes, which at least accurately portray mental illness. Which reminds me, I have something better to be doing right now, and it’s not listening to this trash.

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Seriously, Don’t Open the New Chainsmoker Album