Fish Are Friends, Not Food


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Gilbert, AZ- On April 12, Williams Field High School’s Advanced Placement Biology class performed a lab highlighting the circulatory and respiratory effects different substances and water temperatures had on goldfish. The lab, of course, involved the use of live goldfish, which instructor Mr. Brock supervised carefully. One student believed it was quite the deal to consume one of these fish for $20.

Brydon Barr, a junior at WFHS, is not enrolled in AP Biology, and had no idea what the fish had been through before he decided to swallow the small goldfish alive, along with a small amount of aquarium water. “I just did it. It was easy, it was a goldfish.” said Barr, brushing off the event as if it was a normal occurrence, and according to some students, it was.

A video was posted on Twitter of Barr swallowing the helpless fish, and it spread quickly. Within a matter of hours, nearly everyone knew what Barr had done. The small goldfish he swallowed had been through a series of experiments, something some students were already against. The fish were exposed to liquid nicotine and 10% alcohol after being transferred from different temperatures of aquarium water. Barr didn’t seem to care, he was just happy he got his $20.

Not only is swallowing a helpless, already traumatized fish cruel and unhealthy, it is also considered animal abuse. Just this January, Daniel Challis, 24, was facing prison charges on account of animal cruelty after swallowing a live goldfish for a dare (DailyMail). This was during the internet “Neknominate” challenge craze, but the trend is no excuse.

The little fish would have either, depending on what Barr had consumed about an hour earlier, survived for a couple minutes or longer. The fish either suffocated in his stomach, or died slowly as Barr’s stomach acid ate away at his body (Steadman). Many students may see this dare as a funny joke, but it is an act of animal cruelty, no matter how entertaining people may think the video is.

In a time so diverse as 2017, it would be assumed that cruelty would sooner or later die out, not grow stronger. The current generation seems to be losing its sense of humanity, and seems to be gaining a sense of entitlement. This situation is being handled with a “boys will be boys” mentality, which needs to be curtailed. The mentality ranges from eating a goldfish, to bullying and date rape. Swallowing this fish may seem like a small event, but what lies beneath it festers from “boys will be boys” to “men will be men.”Unfortunately, this goldfish cannot be saved, but hopefully the world becomes a kinder place. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  


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Fish Are Friends, Not Food