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SEATTLE- On April 5th, at approximately 9:20am, News from the Nation, Aerial Yearbook, and the Black Hawk Buzz of Williams Field departed from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Their destination? Seattle, Washington.

The 3 classes flew to Seattle to attend the semiannual JEA/NSPA High School Journalism Convention. Thousands of journalism, video, and yearbook students, as well as their advisors attend these conferences every year to further their knowledge, and compete against other schools in all things journalism.

They went up against schools from across the country and took home awards in two categories. Jesse Wannagot (11) and Mackenzie Belley (12) beat our higley rivals and received an excellent in the Video Package write-off competition, where they used their skills in film and editing to create a broadcast package in just 4 hours. Resident anchor for the Black Hawk Buzz, Rayna Steffen (12) was given an honorable mention in her on-air reporter competition.

The class also got the chance to take seminars from experts in fields like journalism and video production. The students used this opportunity to sharpen their editing skills and practice storytelling to improve the program at Williams Field.

Not only did the students get to learn and compete in competition, they were given the opportunity to see the city of Seattle. They got the chance to visit the iconic Space Needle, the Museum Of Pop Culture, Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Seattle Aquarium, and go on a boat tour of Purged Sound. All these activities allowed for the Video Production students to capture the city. With the footage they took they are currently working on a montage video for the school.

Unlike the Black Hawk Buzz, yearbook didn’t participate in any competitions this year so they did not receive any awards. Instead, they took the time to indulge in the wide variety of classes available and took in the sights of Seattle.

Courtney Bushman (11) explained that the most memorable part of the trip was “going the Museum of Pop Culture and going to all the different classes and learning how to do our jobs better and learning new ways to design yearbooks.”

Everyone in yearbook had such a great time bonding and becoming closer as a team.

News from the Nation’s very own Co Editor-in-Chief, Kianna Brandt (12) attended the Seattle Convention.

“The Seattle JEA Convention was my fourth and final JEA conference of my high school career. I had so much fun attending this convention. I got the chance to explore Seattle, make new friends, and I learned so much from all of the presenters at the conference as well,” she stated.

This conference was bittersweet for Brandt, as she has made so many memories on these trips the last 4 years, but she is excited to share all the knowledge she obtained at the conference with her staff of News from the Nation.

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