FB-I Caught You Red-handed

Kenzie Belley, Staff Photographer

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WASHINGTON- After months on the campaign trail, convinced that Hillary Clinton was a threat to national security, Trump finds himself yet again in hot water. After weeks of speculation, on March 20th, Director James Comey of the FBI, testified to a congressional committee that there was in fact an open and ongoing investigation on the connections between the Trump Campaign and Russia.

While Director Comey couldn’t speak on many of the details, he made it clear that there was reasonable suspicion to keep the investigation open “no matter how long that takes.” This revelation contrasts the official statement made by the Trump Administration that “Russia is fake news.”

Along with this groundbreaking news, Michael S. Rogers, Director of the NSA, dismissed the claim made on President Trump’s twitter that there was any sort of wiretapping, requested by the Obama Administration, in Trump Tower or for that matter during the campaign at all.

The walls are closing in around the truth once the FBI comes forward with their findings the nation can either put the 2016 Presidential election to rest or take action on the Trump Administration, whatever that action will be is yet to be seen.

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FB-I Caught You Red-handed