AVID Honors Student of the Month: March

Elena Jimenez, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, Az- Congratulations to Marissa Goforth (9) for being AVID Honors Student of the Month! Marissa’s dedication to her academics deserves to be recognized.

Some of the benefits the AVID program helped her with is applying for scholarships and keeping organized. Marissa is taking Honors English and Biology this year, and she explained Biology is her most difficult class.

“Biology is my hardest class because there are so many vocabulary words you have to remember,” she explained.

Marissa plans on going to Columbia University after high school, where she will be studying Law Enforcement. Before she goes to college she has to get through high school first. Her short term goal for high school is to graduate with a 4.0 gpa, to achieve this she will study harder and focus more in class. Her long term goal is to own her own law firm, in order to do this she plans on getting her masters in business.

Some advice Marissa would give her peers is to stay focused on your goal in life, and don’t mess around in class. Once again congratulation to Marissa Goforth for being the AVID Honors Student of the Month!

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AVID Honors Student of the Month: March