Visual Art Classes Visit the Phoenix Zoo

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Phoenix, AZ- 27 miles away from Williams Field High School resides the wild, and ever so popular Phoenix Zoo. Recently the AP Photo, Digital Photography, Drawing, AP Art, and Film Club students hopped on a bus alongside Mr. Adams, Mr. Abbruscato, and Ms. Gomez to the Phoenix Zoo to find inspiration to further their art in their specific medium.

AP Photo and the Digital Photo classes enjoyed walking around the zoo taking photos of not just the animals, but the scenery, vegetation, and their fellow students as well. Photography is an art that is based off of the unique perspective of the photographer. The photographer views the world in a creative way, and then showcases that perspective through their photos.

The Digital Photo students got the chance to learn tips and tricks from the AP Photo students while walking around the zoo. Lighting, camera settings, and composition can be hard to control at times, and this trip allowed the lower level photo students to learn the ways of the upper level photo students.

Also along for the photo-aspect of the trip was the WFHS Film Club (Film Foto Phreaks). Students in the club enjoyed walking around with higher level photography students, and others in Art 3-4 and AP, along with improving their camera techniques using film cameras brought from home or borrowed from Mr. Adams. It was crucial the club trust their instincts when taking a shot, since they won’t know what the photo looks like until after developing, and get all the settings perfect for the photo they want.

Mrs. Gomez’s art students joined this trip as well. Her drawing class, intermediate art class, and her AP art class had the experience of drawing the zoo animals as practice for drawing real life figures. The classes drew animals such as giraffes, elephants, monkeys, and various farm animals as well. The objective for the students was to practice drawing figures they would see in everyday life. The students enjoyed touring around the zoo, observing the different animals and sketching their interesting body structures and enclosed habitats.

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Visual Art Classes Visit the Phoenix Zoo