My World Is On Fire, How About Yours?

Josh Brown, Staff Writer

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Gilbert AZ- What happened this week? Well, let me tell you… aquatic animals are going crazy, no theme parks (even for little kids) are safe anymore, Hollywood is becoming more and more insane, politics are heated as always, and sports fans are becoming restless awaiting Super Bowl Sunday.

At SeaWorld, a dolphin literally snatched an iPad from a woman standing near an open aquarium. The owner reached into the water and stole it back. Damage to the device is unknown for now.

Waterslides all over the country are now being carefully examined after a 10-year-old in Kansas was decapitated. It’s a good thing it’s currently winter and, for the most part, water parks aren’t open right now.

Actor Thomas Gibson was dismissed from the show “Criminal Minds.” He was supposed to be suspended for only two episodes, but after further examination of the incident (kicking a writer on-set), it appears that Gibson will be entirely eliminated from the show.

As we all know, our President Trump took office this last Friday. His transition was peaceful but it is looking like many will continue their anti-Trump policies they practiced before he became president. Many Americans are taking to the streets to either protest against Trump or to rally for him. There are not a lot of citizens who remain neutral when they are asked for their opinion on the current president.

Perhaps the best part of the week was that on Sunday, January 22, the two contenders for Super Bowl LI were made official: the Atlanta Falcons will take on the New England Patriots. It should be a fantastic game so everybody make sure to watch it or you will be surely disappointed.

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My World Is On Fire, How About Yours?