AVID Honors Student of the Month: January

Elena Jimenez, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ-Tristan Penunuri (9) was nominated to be the January AVID students of the month! His hard work and determination in class really got noticed and he deserves to be recognized. Tristan said, “The benefits of the AVID program is if you’re struggling in a certain subject you can get tutoring and finish homework in this class.” Tristan is taking Honors English and AP Human Geography. AP Human Geography is a challenge for him because it’s a lot of reading and memorizing facts from the textbook.

He says the most challenging thing about the AVID class is writing essays. Some key information he’s picked up from this class is that “No matter what  bad position you are in, you can work hard to get out of it.”

After high school Tristan plans on going to Oxford, but to get there he’s set goals for himself. His short term goal is to study more in class to do better on tests and quizzes. His long term goal is to get A’s and B’s to help get a good GPA. Some advice he wants to share with his peers is to “Study everyday, and if you feel like shutting down keep going!”

His favorite memory from being in the AVID program is when they built towers out of marshmallows, he said it was such a fun bonding experience.

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  1. Christine Penunuri on January 25th, 2017 2:55 pm

    Congratulations my son!!! We are so proud of you! Work hard for your dreams and they will come true!

    Mom, Dad, Trent, Ellie & Wes

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AVID Honors Student of the Month: January