Art Students Tour the Phoenix Art Museum

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Gilbert, AZ-Williams Field AP and Intermediate art students went on a field trip to the Phoenix Art Museum for inspiration and knowledge on historic art.

The Phoenix Art Museum welcomed Mrs. Gomez’s AP and Intermediate art classes as well as Mr. Adams’ AP photo students to view famous artwork as an opportunity to learn and be inspired. The classes were there for three hours accompanied by guides, and left to explore on their own.

Students were able to see several new exhibits. Exhibits such as the “Modern Art” exhibit are there year round, however periodically, new exhibits are built for a small stretch of time. Perhaps the most popular new exhibit was the “Kehinde Wiley” exhibit, which featured enormous canvases with young African Americans imitating famous historical paintings. One which particularly stood out to tourists was Wiley’s interpretation of a famous Peter Paul Rubens painting. The painting originally depicts a colonial man upon a horse, but Wiley replaced this man with none other than, Michael Jackson. Apparently, Jackson loved his work and specifically requested that this be done. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson was not alive to see the finished product. Tour guides led the students through the exhibit educating them on Wiley’s work and the meaning behind his art.

The teachers who accompanied the students on this trip had the ultimate goal of inspiring the art students to further their abilities and expand their creativity. From one exhibit to the next, it was clear to see that the Phoenix Art Museum had no shortage of inspiration. Other exhibits that wowed the students were the “Balloon Room”, which allowed them able to run around and get lost in a room filled with balloons; and the “Firefly Room” which is a dark room filled with mirrors and strings of lights hanging from the ceiling.  

The students who were able to attend this field trip had an amazing experience learning about their passions while having fun. This museum is highly worth the visit if you’re looking for a fun, reasonably affordable, educational activity.  The Museum offers free general admission for everyone on Wednesday evenings, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and for First Fridays, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Art Students Tour the Phoenix Art Museum