Propositions 205 and 206

Josh Brown and Gabriel Petrie, Staff Writers

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Gilbert, AZ- All across the country, changes are being made. It’s the 21st century, and not everyone has the same conservative views as they did back in the days of black and white television. Prop 205 was almost approved in Arizona last week, losing with just a 48-52 percent difference. Meanwhile, Prop. 206 has been passed which will raise the minimum wage up to 12 dollars an hour. This will benefit the employees, but it will raise prices at fast food joints. Here is what the students and staff here at Williams Field think.

“Consider this, if you legalize marijuana, that’s just one less problem our men in blue have to worry about. They would be able to focus on much more serious issues such as murder, burglaries, or drugs that are higher up like heroine,” stated the school security guard named Adam.

After searching the school grounds, it appeared obvious that many others had similar views to Adam.

“Cigarettes and alcohol are legal, and they are more dangerous than weed and those are legal,” commented Kailey S(12).

The physical effects on marijuana are heavily debated by many here at this school.

“It hasn’t killed anyone yet, like ever,” mentioned Kayla O(12).

As far as support for Prop 206 goes, Harper Breseman (11) said that they see people at their job who are struggling financially that need more money.

Others have opposing views to the green plant and the harm it can perform on the human race.

“Birth defects. If a pregnant woman smokes it, their baby can end up having all sorts of crazy problems. It isn’t fair that a baby should have to suffer for something it’s mother did. Somebody shouldn’t be able to do something if it will harm someone else who had nothing to do with the crime,” said Kamryn B(11).

Other than just the negative effects marijuana can have on the body, some see it as a start of something worse to come.

“Once marijuana is legalized it will be a gateway drug to legalize other drugs, and then we can be in some serious trouble if we make meth, crack, and heroin okay things,” mentioned Kymber D(11).

Prop 206 is not thoroughly supported, either. “It’s not fair for people who have been working for their whole lives,” said Natalie (11).

There are some who have neutral opinions as well.

“It shouldn’t be legal yet. Wait for Colorado to figure out all of the problems and logistics of it, and then when they have it all worked out, we can just adopt their program,” proposed Nathan B(10).

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Propositions 205 and 206