Dirty Campus? Clean it up!

Megan Stone and Brielle Christianson

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Gilbert, AZ- Almost everyone litters, and most people don’t think twice about tossing that soda can on the ground. But trash is everywhere, and so are trash cans. National Honors Society (NHS) is helping clean up our campus and give our hard working custodians a break.
WFHS’s campus is amazing, between the staff and students and the beautiful scenery, there is no question why we are one of the top rated schools in Arizona. But, despite our efforts, the campus tends to get a little dirty. NHS sees this problem and is doing great things to stop it.
On the last Friday of every month, NHS hosts a Janitor Appreciation Day where students can not only get volunteer hours, but do their part to clean up our school, while giving our custodians a well deserved break. Most days, trash is scattered throughout campus, giving visitors a bad impression of our student body, and making it seem like students don’t care about their school. You don’t have to attend Janitor Day to do your part in helping tidy up WFHS’s campus. Simply picking up after yourself, or grabbing stray trash and throwing it away can make a difference in the way the schools looks.
Do your part in keeping WFHS a clean and litter free place! Visit Mr. Brock’s classroom (room number 259) every last Friday of the month at 2:30 PM to participate in Janitor Day.

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Dirty Campus? Clean it up!