AVID Honors Student of the Month: November

Anthony Vega

Elena Jimenez, Staff Writer

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Gilbert, AZ- Anthony Vega (9) was nominated for AVID Honors Student of the Month for November! He dominates in and out of school and deserves to be recognized. During the interview, Anthony said,  “The AVID program provides extra time to work on classwork and provides tutoring.” He is taking Honors Biology and Algebra I, and finds math very difficult, but the AVID program provides the tutoring and assistance that he needs to make Algebra I a breeze. Anthony’s plans for after high school is to either go to San Diego State to be a Marine Biologist, or go to ASU to be an ENT.  

Anthony’s short term goal is to focus on getting good grades throughout  high school, and his long term goal is to get scholarships to help out with college. He plans on achieving his goals by staying focused on his academics. All in all, Anthony Vega is a well rounded student and has a bright future ahead of him.

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AVID Honors Student of the Month: November