Struggling With C’s

Minerva, Staff Writer- Advice

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Q: Dear Minerva,
I’ve been struggling in most of my classes lately. I have C’s and really want to get them up. What do you recommend?
A concerned student


A: Dear Concerned Student,
What I would recommend is to focus heavily on studying for any upcoming tests or quizzes you may have in your classes. Make sure to take in-depth notes and review them with a highlighter in addition to homework. I would focus reviewing on the material you don’t feel confident about before a test. I find that organizing my backpack and folders also prove to organize my mind, which in turn makes searching for assignments or notebooks easier and less stressful. You can also ask your teachers if there are any tests you can retake that would help raise your grade in addition to studying, or you can ask them to help you with whatever topic you are struggling with. Even asking your peers to tutor you would be helpful. If there is anything you take away from my advice, it should be to do your homework on time, study for at least 30 minutes in each subject every night, and don’t forget to give yourself a break. The last thing you need is to overwhelm yourself which leads to nothing getting done. As long as you keep your priorities straight and put in the effort, your grades will show it. I wish you luck!

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Struggling With C’s