Leaked Emails, the Demise of Donald Trump and the Final Debates

Jaxon Washburn, Co-Editor in Chief

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Gilbert, AZ – From the beginning of Fall Break to the present, I personally, alongside most of this country’s population, have been utterly enthralled with the current state of the political season. Unlike any other previous election, Americans have been consistently baffled at the extreme level of mudslinging, suspect personal behavior, and questionable policies raised by both major candidates, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and Donald John Trump. Individually they are both the most mistrusted and disliked presidential candidates in history, from among their respective party constituents. Consistently I have heard many adults, students and teachers express their mutual dismay at how out of roughly 320 million people in the United States, this is who we have gotten down to. Against Clinton, labels such as “crook”, “liar”, “corrupted politician” (and more recently) “nasty woman”, have been applied while against Trump, accusations of him being a “racist”, “misogynist”, “Islamophobe” and “bully” have been equally abundant.

In the past two debates this rhetoric has by no means decreased nor abated. In fact many have gone to watch the debates for the very reason of obtaining amusement at various zingers and one-liners. My family and I laughed equally as hard as those present in the audience during the second presidential debate when, after Clinton began saying, “it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country…”, to which the Donald quickly replied, “Because you’d be in jail.” Such a pericope of the dialogue exchanged is almost self sufficient in illustrating the level of banter present in the debates without any correlation to actual policy or current events. Though armed with a few clever remarks, Trump, much to his (potentially future?) chagrin just could never manage to trump Hillary’s extensive experience at debating and public speaking. For every line of bait that Clinton threw at him, Trump took an enormous bite, drawing him away from focusing on personal policies and potential hit-points on Clinton (Benghazi, Wikileaks, the Email Scandal etc). Instead he often just stumbled about over promises to beat ISIS, get jobs back from China, build a wall and make America great again.

It wasn’t until the third debate that Clinton was ever raked over the coals about the recent Wikileaks dumps of over 55,000 emails from the Clinton Campaign obtained through means of hacking and unverified sources. Skilled in rhetoric, it was no difficult task for her to quickly revert the attention away from her and back to her opponent by means of remarking on the widespread abandonment of Donald Trump by many elected Republican officials after the release of his leaked 2005 tape where he made several extremely lewd comments along the lines of sexual harassment and assault. Once released, many Republican leaders rescinded their  endorsements of Donald Trump, some even demanding that he drop out of the race entirely. This near collapse of the Republican party as well as the leaked exposure of questionable practices within the Clinton camp, have just solidified the feelings of many towards an election they feel was doomed from the beginning. With less than two weeks left, only time and fate will tell what is due to the American people and the persons that could possibly be soon representing them on an international level. Until that quickly approaching time, America waits in uncomfortable anticipation.

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Leaked Emails, the Demise of Donald Trump and the Final Debates