Film Foto Phreaks

Brielle Christianson and Alex Dean

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Gilbert, AZ – Williams Field High School would like to introduce it’s first ever film club on campus, the “Film Foto Phreaks”. The “Film Foto Phreaks” is a fun club where anyone with an interest in film cameras is welcome. The club focuses on taking pictures with black and white film as well as developing the film into negatives.

Students are not given a time limit to shoot their photos; they are done on their own time and can get help from the Photography teachers here on campus – Mr. Adams and Mr. Abbruscatto – at anytime they need. Students involved in this club are given all the guidance and moral support they need to express their creativity through a non-digital world.

“We hoped to begin the club in earliest last year, but we were adding courses and getting materials together at that point”, Mr. Adams said.

Film Club is an amazing way to learn how to develop black and white film, as well as about the different cameras from the last century; but what about color film?

Although color film is not a possibility at the moment, “we may add E6 developing in the future, which is a color film development that results in positives” said Adams. Soon we are adding “medium format developing” which require the same chemicals used to develop black and white film, but the film being developed is different.

There are many types of developing chemicals: non-solvent developers, fine grain solvent developers, etc., but for black and white film we are using, “Kodak D-76 developer, stopbath, and fixer to develop black and white” Mr. Adams said.

The developer does as it should, develops the film to visible images. The stopbath stops the developing process when the film has finished developing. Finally, fixer cleans the film and removes any unexposed coating on the film. A tiny drop of dish soap is then added to clean any water spots left on the film from rinses between developing stages.

“When developing there’s a lot of sitting around and waiting, but the outcome is like Christmas morning. You never know what you’ll get but it’ll be cool,” Mr. Adams concluded.

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Film Foto Phreaks